Alternative Health Therapies

A Guide to Alternative Health Therapies where readers can find information on therapies and remedies practiced round the world.

Price: $ 17.95

Fruits of the World

Fruits of the World is a Coffee Table Book. It contains therapeutic properties of fruits from all over the world with a picture in full color.

Price: $ 12.25

Medicinal Plants & Therapeutics

It contains brief description with pictures of common Ayurvedic medicinal plants of India.

Price: $ 12.25

Vitamins Herbal Digest

Vitamins & Herbal Digest deals on nutrition, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs as well as herbs from South America. Readers also will find latest information and therapeutics on B Vitamins, minerals, protein to Amino acids.

Price: $ 10.95

What Is Ayurveda

An encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Science & Medicine. This newest book is for westerners and common people to understand the meaning of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Medicine and Ayurvedic Therapies.

Price: $ 9.95

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